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Simlish                         | POSSIBLE English meaning
Ah, van vesua! Cummuns nala | Hello, how are you doing?
Arriba chandler               | you annoying TV workout presenter
Araganda                       | Move away
Awasa poa                     | I'm bored
Atohteh                       |   'I want to go to the bathroom!'
Bum! Bum!                     | Woah! This is fun
Bloo Bagoo                     |Hey whats up? or hey hows it going?
Baba                           |   I am pregnant!
Boobasnot                       |   I don’t like you
cuh-teek-a-loo                 | Hey there, how’s it going
deepwa spanewash deepla blah | you! yes you! go away
Degg degg                       | bye bye
Dustin aey ball                 | and bend and streach now
Dis wompf es fredesche       | This food is good
Elicanto                         |   You are looking nice
Frabbit                         | "aw, dangit."
Go Spogando                   | Now you want to Preheat the oven
Geelfrob                       | See you soon
Hotty Baba along with Hotty Ba| I'm bored, what can I destroy next
Huree                           | I’m tired
Hallo! Hallo!                   | "uh, hello???"
Hooba Noobie                 | What’s up?
Jamoo                         | based on tone, "Oh my GAWD."
Nicloske Ga Gloope           | I'd like a taxi to come pick me up
Ooo shanga day               | Why me?
Ravasheen!                     | ooh, I look like a smokin' hottie in this
Shoo flee                     | Theres a problem!
Soy llaman                     | I need a cab/car
Veena Fredishay               | Let’s play
Wee-bow                     |   I do
Bam! Bam! (when playing cops&robbers)| BANG! (gun shooting sound)
Mychuno                       | Bingo!
Mogey mogey mogey           | I am a politician and I am lying to you now
kabalocho ching cho!         | Do you want to play kicky bag?
Elicantoo                     | I look like a freak
Uhh shamoo ralla poo         | im soooo bored
Renato! Renato!               | Go Away!
Nooboo                       | Baby
koomeba                       | Kaleidoscope
burbin nerbs                 | Broken glass
firbs                         | fast
rushe                         | rush
toochse                       | touch
juum                         | Zoom
Neeshga! Neeshga!           | No, no, no!
As Simlish isn't an official language, it cannot be guarenteed that these are the true translations
baya su du karn, baya su du bwak,
baya baybee ogaand donk donk donk!
girbits, girbits vooooo GIRBITS!

pass it to the left, pass it to the right,
now get out there and figh fight fight!
llamas, llamas gooooo llamas!

(the university cheer [Sims 2 university])